Friday, April 09, 2010

1 choose to eat

You guys, i've been slacking a little bit on the recipe blog. I hope none of you have starved because of it.
And since I know how much everyone is always dying to hear about my latest craving & what I had for lunch, I will tell you: I have been craving grilled chicken & fresh spinach like it's no one's business lately. I dream of it. So for lunch I made a rendition of this. I want to cry thinking about it. So good. Now that it's getting more cheerful outside, Greek food is in order. Opa! So make yourself something good because I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten a real meal in about a month & my roommates call me anorexic & it's a good thing I only have one mouth to feed because if I was responsible for others, everyone in my care would have withered away by now & it just made me really happy & so I think you should eat too.
Just do it.
Girl power.

1 comment:

  1. Cute post, Danielle! Unfortunately, I don't need anyone to encourage me to eat. I do very well, thank you, on that front! LOL I do watch your kitchen blog for new recipes though. It has been fun to see what you have put up and I have even tried some of them, too.



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