Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 easter fun stuff

I'm lagging behind a little, but Easter was great fun. I love my people.
Thursday night, everyone came over to decorate some eggies. Nat's Cheetah egg... Are we impressed Cheetahs?

Nat Cat is a gem. Easter morning she woke us up with Easter baskets. Les had wild woman hair. Oh you know, then she put on a breakfast.
I need a leash on this girl.
If it looks like Brady doesn't love when I do this, you're being deceived.

I always love Easters. And I loved conference. Hope you all had a good one too!

Ok... ttyl.


  1. Oh, and so sweet of Natalie! What great roomies you have! Lucky you!

  2. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAA oh i miss living with the Lesface..

  3. nat camp is not just a gem, she is a sparkly blingin gem!!!!!!!!!! so cute. love you ladies



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