Friday, February 05, 2010

3 momma appreciates creativity

Oh, what a lovely little office!
Just whatever you do, don't open that door!
I warned you...
Punches for everyday of the year.
Stamp Pads in every color that spin on racks.
It's too bad I don't have a panoramic camera, because yes, the stamps keep going.
You know what they say about skeletons in your closet...
And I don't even have a picture of her sewing "closet." Bolts & bolts of fabric, mannequins, and any button you wish.
Yes, we are arts & craft junkies around my place.

Since coming to Utah, my mom has loaded me up with, in her opinion, college essentials. For example, this die cut machine. Still have no clue how to use it, however, this will be most useful in Ms. S's classroom next year. P.S. This thing is huge & heavy. Picture does not do it justice.
When I was home, I created my wish list of all of the things I wanted. Well yesterday on my doorstep was...
Lots of love.

Bottom line, thanks momma k. You know how to warm my crazy, creative, busy heart. We speak the same language.

Another thing, she always sends me cards. Even when she has to mail out money because i'm poor. I don't have pictures of all of them, but this was October's. I still haven't eaten the M&M's.


  1. Difference between you & I. 1. You are good @ the artsy fartsy stuff. 2. I ate the M&Ms the day I got that card.

  2. hahaha...that was funny, Rachel! Danielle, you give me WAY too much credit, but all the same, thanks for the holla!! I love you sweetcakes!



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