Saturday, February 27, 2010

5 Asian Persuasion.

This is my brother Spencer.
Some people think he's Asian. We just say he has "almond shaped eyes..." One time someone even asked me if he was adopted. I told them yes to make our family look cool.

Well, everyone always says we look alike. I'm confused by this. But finally, I was able to see it in the pictures Sydney posted from her birthday party on facebook. Please refer to:

Either the lighting was really bright that night or I was feeling extra Asiany.
So here's to looking Asian like your brother! Cheers!


  1. It can all be explained by all the trips dad has taken to Japan, I'm pretty sure!

  2. Hey, wouldn't that be explained more by all the trips YOU might have taken to Japan, Kari. LOL

  3. Back in the good ole days they would have said, your child looks like the ice man or the mail man. Today it's the man from Japan.

  4. Okay, Danielle, I'm officially a fan of your blog. You're hilarious! Very creative writing, my dear...nice to see you this way. Come visit me at



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