Sunday, February 28, 2010

The thing is, I need this. I made a big boo boo in Arizona when I decided to just look at the puppies in the mall with Mellys.
Sweet faces have just been on my mind ever since.


  1. we have one of those!
    cuddliest dogs ever haha
    ohmy. we call ours
    "annoyingly affectionate"

  2. I like that term, annoyingly affectionate. I think that one applies to my little puppy, "Georgia." I picked her up from the kennel yesterday and she seems so happy to be back home again. Me, too! I am happy to be home again. Hope that didn't make you too homesick, Danielle. Such a cute puppy picture you posted and I understand the craving but it can get you into big trouble. It did me! You should see the big kennel bill I got for boarding my little sweetheart!



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