Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 oh em gee ya'll.

Ash's bachelorette party was crackin me up.My Nat Cat friend. my leslie friend.

The lovely bride.
(My camera is all about taking nice clear pictures) We never got a whole group pic, but here's a few Cheetahs.Victoria's Secret Christmas. Must be nice.Last Saturday was Ash's party. So, Rachel & I decided it would be a great idea to make Ash dress up in a DI wedding dress all night & complete a few "tasks" around Provo. Now, I realize this wasn't necessarily the smartest thing to do since one day Ash will most likely have a hand in my own bacholerette party & could choose at that point to seek revenge, but it was worth it. So freaking funny.

P.S. When we brought the ugly dress out, Ash said, "Oh good! I'm so happy. I hated my outfit tonight!" (Being serious.)

Al Pal just giving the bride a helping hand.

Task numero one: Go to married housing. Tell 5 people you just barely got married & see if you can buy their contract now.

2: Sit on a street corner with this sign. You must get 3 people to donate before you can leave. I think it went well.

3: Find some people to toss your bouquet to.

4: Find a wedding party.

5: Act like you don't know us. Go to a crowded place (Wendy's was crowded that night), profess your love for JD, get someone to help you walk down the aisle.

There were a few more that I didn't get on tape, but overall Ash was the best sport & it was hilarious.

And good news, this classy bride still loves us.

6 days mas. i'm so pumped.


  1. HILARIOUS IDEA!!! I love it and I just might steal it!!

  2. I LOVE the DI dress! You're so creative! What a fab party! Good work!

  3. That is the funniest thing I have ever heard of or seen.

  4. is it just me or are your videos NOT WORKING!

  5. I am now glad you weren NOT around for my wedding!



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