Tuesday, December 08, 2009

5 December 20, 1985

Today I'm loving vintage pictures of Mom & Dad.
Because it's almost their 24th wedding anniversary.
And this week they're in Florida celebrating it.

(i love this one because on the back in my Grandmother's handwriting it says: "Kari and boyfriend, Mark. May 28, 1985")

My mom's facebook status says: "Going on a fun 24th anniversary trip with my honey to Disney World this week! "
To which my dad said: What a lucky guy - how does he deserve you?!
To which i said: No need to suck up dad, she already married you.
To which he replied: getting married was the easy part. staying married takes a lot of sucking up.

My dad's current facebook status: Mark is avoiding the police because my wife is sooo hot I'm sure it's against the law!

(suck up.)

Here's to another 24!


  1. They truly are a happy fortunate couple! I sure enjoyed seeing these pictures of two of my favorite people in the world and a nice anniversary gift for them, Danielle! The first picture of Kari is in front of my home on Annwood Road in Palm Harbor, FL. Gosh, it seems like yesterday when I lived there and yet so much has happened since then.

  2. oh adorable. i love this little tribute to the parental unit! :) great pics!!! so fun!

  3. This is soooo cute! Tell your dad to tell MY husband about the trick to staying married is sucking up. He is kinda picking up on it. Slowly. he needs to speed it up. lol

  4. Danielle, how sweet (and funny!) this was! Thanks for taking me down memory lane! I can't help but look at all those old pics of me and think...uh, mellanoma. So much Florida sun...yikes...I LOVE the kissing picture...that was at the Idaho Falls Temple. We were having a picnic under the trees and on the gorgeous banks of the river that goes right by it...such a fun time we had! I love it that you and Rachel are now in this stage of life...it's so fun!

  5. Wow, thanks for putting up your parent's facebook posts, I missed that...



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