Thursday, December 17, 2009

3 I'm a routine kind of girl,

& everynight, I do the exact same thing.
1. wash my face/brush teephers
2. get my backpack ready for the next day
3. go upstairs talk to my roommates/say goodnight
4. leslie pops my back, then we talk
5. maybe check the FB one last time
6. go downstairs & read the scrips
7. pray
8. zZZZzzzZZzZz
What I didn't tell you is what number 4 on my list looks like. Yes, after she pops my back, we lay on the floor like this & talk. Cheeks smashed together & all. My other roommate Nat finally caught this moment on camera. Enjoy.


  1. glad for the post write-up! I was sure you had been jumped by some creeeeppy guy hiding behind the door! phew!

  2. Danielle, you write with such a great personal touch! It is almost like you are talking and I can hear your voice in every word. Good job always, Danielle!



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