Sunday, December 20, 2009

4 calling all things green.

These are my roommates (at least for now, they change so rapidly these days). Aren't they pretty? Tell me what you see when you look at this picture. I'll tell you what I see... ...a bunch of rabbits!
(sorry my ear is covering your face Smellers) You guys should see our fridge. It's absolutley ridiculous right now.
spinach, edamame, cucumbers, zucchini, artichokes, snow peas, peppers, broccoli...
I'm even dreaming in green.This is the most Cheetah-less Cheetah Mansion you've ever seen in your life. So many bunnies.
My family had a bunny once. His name was Little Bunny Foo Foo except it wasn't really a bunny, it was more like a dragon because it got so big my dog wouldn't even go near it. We sold it with our house.

This is me loving on Dragon-Bunny. I think this picture was taken about an hour after it was born so he was still pretty small & I didn't have nightmares about him eating me yet.

p.s. look at my sister's blog. it's cracking me up right now.


  1. hhhahahah you have the freakin funniest blog EVER

  2. i've been waiting for the day you would have a post about when you raised the real life sized easter bunny.
    i think moving back into the cheetah mansion this time of year would be good for me - my fridge is definitely not filled with all the healthy goods!

    miss you. lets hang soon. oh wait, we'll be together in CALIFORNIA next weekend. saweet.

  3. Danielle...I was laughing so hard (inside, sorry!) I loved the way you went from talking about the foods you guys are eating to your pet rabbit...soooo funny and ADHD! Not like you, so even funnier! Love you!



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