Tuesday, November 30, 2010

16 It's Danster Time!

Whether you like it or not!
It's my blog & I do what I want. So i'mma talk about me.
1.I'm the oldest in my family. I really wish my siblings would just show me all of the respect I deserve. They don't even bow down when I walk into the room.
2. I got nominated 'funniest' & 'best to take home to parents' in high school. My friends were nominated most attractive, best dressed & best smile. It's ok to be the less attractive/funny/good personality friend sometimes.
3. I'm a huge teaser. I love to get reactions out of people & sometimes it makes people (roommates) mad. It's a fault I should probably work on, but what happens if you like your faults?
4. I've never colored my hair.
5. I still love to babysit. I'm the biggest mom without real kids that you'll ever meet in your life.
6. I'm a cuddlebug.
7. I cry at a Baby Story. Every. Single. Time. It's just what happens. I change the channel during the birthing process because that makes me want to gag, & then I flip it back just in ti
me to watch the baby come out and I cry.
8. I'm a perfectionist. The other night, my mom actually had the nerve to tell me it's okay to fail at things in your life. I just laughed because we all know that is not okay.

9. I love celebrating. Mostly Christmas & birthdays, but I have to make them a big obnoxious deal. Christmas is my favorite. I need to make a paper chain countdown...
10. I take the hottest showers in the world. We're talking 'about to faint' status. There's no way any germs survive it.
11. My Grandmother has named me her most independent grandchild. I win.
12. I'm laid back & don't always say my opinion, but I have one, I can promise you.
13. I'm a workaholic.
14. I'm a laugher. I really can find the
humor in anything. It's actually a problem.
I am a children's book connoisseur.
16. Total girly girl. Love anything girly. If you have ribbons, frills or bows I'll take you.
17. I love church. Sunday is my favorite day.
18. I love doing laundry. It smells soooo good. I love warm clothes out of the dryer & folding them all precious.
19. I love to cook, mostly for others since I do this thing called don't eat.
20. Babies in pajamas are probably one of my favorite things in the world.
21. I love to sing. My mom told me I have to become famous because I'm her retirement plan.
22. I'm all about no makeup. And I'm all about makeup.
23. I don't get easily impressed by people. This creates issues for me. Especially when I like a boy, because instead of being a normal girl & getting all nervous & butterflyish around them, I act like my normal self. Maybe that's why I'm not married.
24. My parents think I'm the cutest girl in the world.
25. I love wedding receptions. They make me incredibly happy.
26. I get along with anyone.
27. I love to dance.
28. I sucked my thumb until like 2nd grade. Don't tell anyone.
29. I think I'm hilarious.
30. It's a happy night when I can get dolled up & go out on the town.

XOXO Gossip Girl.


  1. Can it be Danster time every week? I loved this!

  2. That was F-U-N! Thanks for givin us the nitty gritties! Now we have good amo on you! Love YOU!

  3. dani!! i LOVE learning random tidbits about people! thank you for sharing!!! i am in love with your blog. i check it every night...you have become part of my nightly routine...weird? i think not :)

  4. I so love reading what you write. You have such fun and entertaining insights! I'm not sure I know myself well enough to write like that....no, I'm sure I don't. Keep up the good work!

  5. Total entertainment. For #22 I like your answer for its brevity and the awkward silence that will surely follow. You will have to practice keeping a straight face. Another possible answer: "Of course. I have a whole book of recipes." Too creepy? OK, just say "No" then.

  6. Yeah Uncle David! Maybe I'll try the recipe one too... I just do whatever is the least socially acceptable. For reactions of course.

  7. Okay, Danielle, you HAVE to do some writing on the side, even though I know you are going to be a teacher and you love children. I have so much fun reading your blog! You give service to people every day because you put a smile on our faces! "A merry heart
    doeth good like a medicine."
    Proverbs 17:22

  8. Ahh...I LOVE that your auntie and uncie love you so much to read/comment on your blog...I LOVE that you are such an entertaining writer and I get to be in on it too...and I LOVE that Grandmother had a scripture to add...so GREAT!!

  9. btw, David, you're just plain hillarious, or sick, or hillarious...still deciding...

  10. i love that you've never dyed your hair. stay strong!
    ps, you're funny. and I love reading your blahg.
    these are really random comments.

  11. Loved this. So hilarious. I "LOLed"

  12. Oh, and the first newborn picture...not only were you tan-boothin' it...you had a french manicure too...what a glam baby you were!

  13. I Cry at a baby story too! EVERY TIME! Its gotten worse since my baby was born. It will be interesting to see how having a baby will effect that part of you. lol


  15. hahhahh you're hilarious. and i'm sorry, but they did not dub you the cutest. that's me!



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