Monday, September 14, 2009

1 it's the freakin' weekend baby...

Ran into Dan Grayson & Shelby Clawson. I've known them since I was 3. Our families were all in the same ward in Florida & then all in the same ward in Tennessee! What are the chances? some of the crew

it is love.
uh oh ems.

bowling & wildness through the night

Cousin Jake's mission farewell.
He is great & will be missed terribly.
Ok, now it's KRUGH time.
The newest addition to the Stolworthy family born September 1.
Krugh Murdock Stolworthy
biggg yawn!
Cutie cousin Michelle holding Krugh (she's NOT the mom)
Ok. This makes me want to die. He is so so precious.
Papa Keith & Krugh. Love this one.
a little mad at me for waking him up
This is only about .001% of my Stolworthy cousins but I LOVE them. Stolworthy's rock.
And we're just silly.

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  1. That is the cutest baby! Of course, it would be cute, look at the parents!



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