Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 decisions decisions

Here he is: My little brother Chase. Baby of the fam & it shows.
Words can't describe him.
I even ran into a friend from home on campus the other day & Chase came up in our conversation. He said that exact thing, "Words can't describe that kid."
He is hilarious.
When Rachel & I were home, we were going to have "Chase Day" & print pictures up of all of his favorite things & post them around our house. (Two of those pictures were gonna be ashley eckel & sydney schindler- 2 of his favorite things.)
He is the smoothest, funniest, wittiest little thing. The comments he can shoot back at you without even thinking about it just has you dying.
When Rachel's roommate Sydney was staying at our house this summer, he'd leave her little love notes & talk about how she was his little wifey. One day I went downstairs to see him preparing a feast. Don't worry, it was for Sydney's lunch. Ahhh, all in the name of love. Later when I asked Chase to describe his dream girl he listed off some very specific characteristics. (Brown short hair, bob cut, tan skin...) The last one was, "and she needs to be just a little taller than me." I was so confused asking why he wanted a taller girl. He said, "Well, I'm gonna get taller than her eventually." Still confused. He must have taken note of my puzzled face because then he said, "Come on Danielle, we all know i'm talking about Syd."
The problem is, he has this thing for my roommate as well. Ashley Eckel. It all started when he had a little phone convo with her back in March. He didn't realize he was on speaker when the phone was handed back to me and right when i said goodbye, he said, "Hey danielle? Tell ash to add me on facebook. Don't make it obvious." click. He was gone.
That player.
At one point during the summer I said something about our married friend AshBash, Chase freaked out and said, "Wait! Ash is MARRIED?!" No Chase, different Ashley. Chill out boy.
I told him he needs to not be so obsessed with her (to kind of stir the pot, I'm a terrible sister). He was freaking out & said, "Whatever! I'm NOT obsessed with her! She's SO OBSESSED WITH ME!" Try to keep a straight face on that one.
All I know is that he's one lucky boy, Ash & Syd are both wonderful candidates. I wish I had (a) candidate(s).
Ok I could go on and on.
Maybe I should do a Chase blog post series. Heaven knows there's enough material to keep it interesting...
One other thing: Chase informed me while I was home that his one requirement for a girl is that she looks good in yoga pants. WHAT??!! GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN CHASE! Geeze.


  1. Chase knows how to be funny but he never does it at the expense of another person. Chase is someone special, that's for sure! He is a great gift to the family and will prove to be a GREAT man! You just watch him! My prediction here... I feel sure of.

  2. Actually, he makes fun of his sisters all the time... But, our family's tough so there's never hurt feelings :) AND NO MATTER WHAT, WE LOVE OUR LITTLE PUNKY MAN!

  3. hahahahaha oh my goodness. I LOVE CHASE! and that part about me being taller than him made me almost cry. sooo funny. I need to send him a love note.

  4. haha what a stud. love that last part about the yoga pants! so funny!

  5. Making fun of sisters or brothers doesn't count. It is part of growing up. It is never a good idea to hit below the belt though. I don't blame Chase for loving those pretty, pretty girls. He has good taste!

  6. So true about Chase...He's a stud and I went to Middle School open house and he got ALOT of nice things said about him there too! He is a people person and amazing. Love him, love your post!

  7. You never cease to amaze me in how you compliment others and are so kind Danielle. If only we could all be like that....

  8. first of all i didn't say anything about tallness or about darker skin!
    u got a few things wrong on that!! hey... you should answer phone in the next couple of years!!!! then we might could actually talk!



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