Monday, September 28, 2009

14 I reallllly need to go home

Ok, I'm just gonna say it. I hate to write these posts because I don't want people to get the wrong impression & I hate sounding dramatic. I'm a very very happy & optimistic person and it really takes a lot to get me down, but the past two weeks have probably been two of the worst weeks of my life. I try not to be a burden & a complainer, but i've had about 10 things hit me at once & i'm terribly homesick. I've been trying to stay upbeat & do a lot of things for other people which always helps. I went into my poor bishop's office last Sunday & boo hoo'd my eyes out for about an hour. That helped too. I guess sometimes we just have those days!
I'm also having one of those, "been in Provo far too long" spells. I need to go home to Nashville now.I love everything about my little city.
And I need to see my family.
Might just need to go home for Thanksgiving, I'm dying here people.Now let me reiterate that i'm going to be just fine. This is not a sympathy post at all. I probably shouldn't even be posting this... But i'll also say that I have never seen more blessings come into my life than I have in the past few weeks. It's amazing that I can already see them even during this tough time. Once I get a few of these issues sorted out, I'm sure I will see even more. It's really incredible & I'm so grateful for all my blessings!

In the last two Sundays about 5 of my prayers were answered & I felt so peaceful. At the end of the day I was just so thankful to finally have some answers to questions I've been having. Here are a few experiences in the past little while that have shown me that Heavenly Father is looking out for me.

1. I got a new calling in church. I was originally called to FHE but I have a class Monday night so I had to decline it. I've just felt so blah lately about not doing much for the church. The calling came at the perfect time & i'm so so excited for it.

2. About a month ago a professor walked in to talk to me. He told me he felt inspired to tell me something. He went on to say that the day before in Sunday School they had talked about eternal marriages & the teacher said this, "When I met Dana, I thought she was so cute & sexy, but i had never, ever met someone else before her that i had wanted to spend my entire life with." He then just told me he felt silly but just knew he needed to tell me that.
That was all. Hmm, sometimes it's what you need to hear though.

3. There is a man I work with that is constantly saying sweet things to me. He will call my mom every couple of months to tell her how much he appreciates me for all of my hard work. Every day he comes in & tells me I'm a ray of sunshine or a tsunami of sunshine, haha :) It got me thinking that sometimes you're not supposed to be happy to make yourself feel good, but sometimes it's solely for other people. Even though I've been struggling, I have no problem smiling & making everything okay, because really in the scheme of things, it is. I have so much to be grateful for & so much to look forward to.

Okay, it's official. I talk too much.


  1. That was really an excellent post, Danielle. Taking life seriously will land you a spouse, so you better watch out! Glad you are doing the right things to lift your spirits. Service is one of the best possible things you can do for that! Good job!

  2. I meant to leave you a love note, too! Keep your chin up, Sweetheart! I love you a lot!

  3. I'm sorry you're going through a hard time :( I really am. I remember having weeks like that when I was at BYU, too. I'm so glad you can talk to your bishop--that is a blessing!

  4. :( I'm sorry you're feeling so homesick. and i'm sorry everything is blegh :( and i'm sorry i've fallen off the face of the earth.xoxo

  5. i love you dani. you always help me think and put everything in perspective. sorry you're missing home, just go cuddle with leshlie, it makes everything better :) ooh cant wait to find out what your calling is!

  6. i love reading your posts! It's nice to know you have bad days/weeks too! I've always had this image in my head of you being this spendidly happy, gorgeous girl with this perfect BYU life. I still think you are splendid, sunshiny happy and drop.dead.gorgeous. And I wish I had as much fun as you do. And I really hope these next few weeks get better and better! love you!
    PS, finally checked out your recipe blog. It's like You're so awesome.

  7. You sound normal to me. I have these days every month and I'm married, have a cute kid and a hot body. Oh wait. I don't have that... YET! You better watch out. Not. I just finished eating ice cream.

    Really the point is that I'm sorry you were feeling down, but I think it's great you wrote it out. You're awesome.

  8. It really is a great post, Danielle and it really is o.k. to feel like this...just not too long! We'll try to lift you up some and get you home for Thanksgiving...I LOVE you! You will land on your feet again soon! You're doing the right things!

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  10. Ahh...can you erase one of my duplicates above? I just wanted to add that I LOVE the part about being happy for others....that is a good one for me and it touched me! I will work on that myself! Thanks for your wondeful insights!

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  13. Hey, heart goes out to you, although I know you will be okay. I remember feeling like that when I was 19 & in college the first time. It got so bad that I dropped out -- HUGE mistake! I guess if there is a silver lining to this it's that you have a family that is wonderful enough to miss. So many people your age can't stand their families, and I see many patients with dysfunctional families . You family is welcoming, caring, funny, positive and STABLE. I guess you can say they put the FUN back in FUNCTIONAL! lol Reaching out to serve will are wise to embrace that. We will lift you up in prayer, Sweetpea!
    Tracy Johnston-McGinty



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