Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love Sundays.
I love going to church & then I love just hanging out at home & being with my roommates or my family. I made a pact to myself in high school that I would not do homework on Sundays & it has made the biggest difference. Sundays are never stressful & I get to do things that I don't have a chance to do any other day of the week. Usually I'll just read or go on a walk or make goodies for people. Ahh, the best!
P.S. Today is pretty outside, so I will be laying on the grassy knoll in our front yard. Please come say hello.


  1. What a nice picture and posting! Like you I LOVE Sundays! Usually it is a spiritual feast at church and then you come home and think, my day of rest...I will enjoy reading, connecting with friends and family, study the scriptures, and just have an all around good day. I might even fit in a nap if we have morning church. You gotta love Sundays!

  2. :) I would have loved to join you! Today felt so beautiful!

  3. Such a darling picture and heartwarming post. I love them too! Great, great to have that day apart from the others! You and Sara are DARLING!!!

  4. you two are such babes.
    i want grassy knoll time. please call during the next occasion :)



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