Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 another one bites the dust

Lemme tell you a story...
There once was a group of girls that called themselves The Cheetahs.
They met in the dorms and all of them were players, fun, wild & SINGLE for 3 years because they just loved each other so much that they could not stay committed to just 1 boy.
Well, remember this post?
And this one?
Let me just add another to that list.
These two just got engaged!
This will make it the third Cheetah marriage in 1 year...
So as I mourn the loss of another Cheetah, I could not be happier!
I asked Ash if it feels weird to have a ring on her finger.
She said no.
You're right. Dumb question. Now I feel stupid.

Congrats JD & Ash.

Love you both.

P.S. Every Cheetah has married the most WONDERFUL, quality guy. This makes me happy.

December 19, 2009-Newport Beach Temple



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