Saturday, May 30, 2009

9 dropping like flies

There goes Cheetah Number 2...
They're getting married August 21 in Mesa.
And despite my reaction (don't worry, I started BAWLING) I am so so SO happy for them! I think it was a little shocking and very bittersweet for me. Alli Wags has lived with me since August 2006 & she's my little bestie. She will be missed dearly in the Cheetah Mansion.

Here's my story though: So i get home and have a million bags in my hand, tell Sam hi & call Sara. Al just comes over & starts hugging me & holding on. I'm chatting with Sara, rubbing Alli's back & all of the sudden this bling is in my face. I screamed "ALLISON'S ENGAGED!" and hung up on Sar. Sorry Sara, wow talk about cliff hanger. So i'm freaking out. Finally i said, "I'm shaking, why do i feel like i just got proposed to?!" I was literally shaking. Then came the tears. Sam & Nat didn't know what to do, so Allison and I just did our crying/holding each other thing that we've become pretty good at. I give Al a hard time because I used to never cry before i met her. Look what she's turned me into:
This was the holding part
So i decided to celebrate this occasion in the least-creepy way possible by combining their faces and creating their first couple of babies on Routan Babymaker. Pretty cute, huh? Let's hope these cheetah cubs will get here a little sooner than Casey & Ash's have. I need to hold a baby, (hint).


  1. hahahahaha oh my i freakin love you!

  2. WOOT WOOT for the birds in love.
    and thumbs up for you already jumping the gun on their children. ha ha ha .

  3. I really do find the second baby so cute!! I can't wait!! I would've balled too.

  4. oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh! wow how exciting!!! haha cutiest babies :)

  5. hahahhhahah omg deej, that's hilarious

  6. Your tears come from strong feelings and that is a good thing. It makes you a really caring and loving person, Danielle.
    Everyone should have a friend like you! Congrats to the newly engaged couple!

  7. YAY! IM SO HAPPY!I cannot believe it! :) Thanks for posting this dani! I've looked at the pictures like five times!!

  8. Ahh..Danielle-very sweet entry! We are all so happy for Allison! I know they will have great success and those are the cutest babies...I got suchhh a kick out of you doing that! Very funny! I know you'll miss her...Allison, thanks for being such an AWESOME friend to our Dani!!



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