Wednesday, July 01, 2009

1 Happy birthday Cookie!!

Here are 10 things about Mallory I either love or have learned to love:
10. Mal is SO good at faking dead. I probably have about 982374938 dead Mallory pictures, so I will show my most recent favorite: 9. She's our little wild child. 'nuff said, this is a family friendly blog.8. Ok, so here would be the one that i've "learned to love." She's never on time. Ever. And we all know what a "prompt freak" I am, so of course there's issues. In high school, every morning I would go to her house 20 minutes before school started to help her get her act together. Finding her shoes, getting her back pack ready, putting on her deoderant for her... Yes, you read that right. Senior year, I started giving up because she decided not to even come to school. She had been threatened by the principal a few times that she wouldn't be able to graduate. As a concerned friend, i said, "Mal, you seriously need to start coming, you're not going to be able to graduate." Her response, "It's ok, I've been looking into real world tryouts." Ohhh ok, Phew! 7. Mallory has a "Life Box." One day I was on the phone with her and she was venting about how boys don't take her seriously when she said, "I DON'T GET IT! I HAVE A LIFE BOX!" What's a life box, i asked. It has your dream house, your dream kids, a few trinkets here, a few trinkets there. Ya know, a life box... So boys, take her seriously.
6. Alabama Baby: Southern girl through & through, this one. We love that little accent.

5. Mallory has more shoes (and clothes) than anyone i know. You should see her closet... wow. She puts those shoes to good use though, one night at a party she "accidentally" stepped on this obnoxious girl from high school's foot with her heel. Whoops! Another time we were 15 minutes late to Coach Nowell's Driver's Ed class because we were flirting with the basketball players during practice, so we went out to our classroom that was held in a trailor (Franklin was under construction) and trampled up the metal ramps in our heels to disrupt class, dying of laughter. Coach Nowell was muy mad.
4. Despite what you think of her after reading number 5, Mallory is the sweetest girl. She really is. She is very well mannered & so polite. It took her years to stop calling my mom "Mrs. Stolworthy" hahah.
3. She is so funny & always keeps me laughing. I know some people give her a hard time for having blonde moments, (don't get me wrong, she definately has them) but she's also so smart! When she puts her mind to something she can really do it. She's gonna be the hottest high school teacher ever. Drool on teenage boys. (Ok, so that was a few things combined into one...)
2. She is b-e-a-u-t-f-u-l! Prettiest girl ever. One time at a big family gathering at my house, my mom said, "Isn't she so pretty?? This is what she even looks like when she first wakes up!" Hhah, sorry for putting you on the spot but it's true! Natural beauty.1. She is everything you'd want in a friend: SO loyal, SO fun, SO true, easy to talk to. We could just lay in bed talking all day and play scratches and listen to Jessica Simpson, "take my breath away." Oh wait, we have.
Bottom line is, we have to stay best friends forever because we both know each other's secrets and we've done some embarrassing things that no one else knows about. If we didn't stay friends, one of us could blackmail the other with some not so good stories.
graduation day. tear.
Spying on the football players freshman year. We're creepy.14 year old babies. Sweet earings Mal. Happy 21st Cookie! I love you!!

(and she burps like a T-Rex. Don't watch if you have a weak stomach.)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mallory! I hope you had a great day. If you are Danielle's friend I know you are special!



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