Monday, July 06, 2009

Friday night I got to play with these cute cousins! My sister and I have been watching them for three years now & I love these kids.
{Luke, Jake, Kendyl & Easton}
There were fireworks put on at the Governer's Club at 8:30 that they really wanted to watch. From 6pm on they kept asking if it was almost time for the fireworks because they were so excited. I would tell them that it was "3 Dora shows away" so they would get an idea of how far away it still was but that didn't stop them from still asking every two minutes. Finally i got everyone in their pj's, packed their blankies, binkies & sippie cups and we went outside.
Cutie Kendyl waiting for them to start.
Easton took this picture. Not bad for a 2 year old huh? I swear we were having fun even though it looks otherwise.
When the show started, they were excited for about 3 ½ fireworks. Then came the tears. Once half of them were crying and wanting me to pick them up, i knew this fun was over.
So we watched them in a more sound proof way. Inside the house.
It was fun. They are adorable.

I think these clips are so cute of Easton telling Luke about the fireworks. She's the funniest little girl.


  1. This is wayyy cute,my baby nice zadra is the same way,its too cute. do the same thing when we are drivin to utah or something and my brother will ask how much longer,I will say 2 Hannah montana shows away it always

  2. Very cute, Danielle! I can see why you enjoy these little dolls. I have watched them grow through your eyes and it has been fun. Well, times a wastin' and I need to get to work! Thanks for sharing!

  3. yay happy fourth

    love those kiddos



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