Sunday, June 07, 2009

2 weekends

So last night the Cheetahs & Panthers went to Sundance & went on the full moon ski lift... so great. I love the Panthers, seriously. I didn't have my camera, so you'll just have to imagine all of the fun & you'll just have to imagine me freaking out. (I always forget how I'm so scared of heights.)

Saturdays are the best. Today Nancy hung out with me & Nat. First we went to Coldstone & Nancy was going to buy me some ice cream (so sweet) but I would not let her tempt me from my hard core diet.
After, we came back & did nails. She requested a hand massage first. I told her to not get all fancy on me.
Provo Nightlife with Jor
having issues
roommates & buddies
"free! take me." no, but seriously.
This was Nancy's rap for us. Pretty freakin good.


  1. Okay, Nancy's so great. I watched the rap last night and LOVED it! Looks like you had a fun doing nails. Can we have one of those nights when I come back out?

  2. umm duh! you know nails are my favorite thing ever! I guess Nancy's pretty familiar with the whole nail salon scene because first she asked for a hand massage & when I started to paint she said, "Umm... you haven't pushed back my cuticals." Oh gosh, such a diva.



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