Thursday, June 04, 2009

Can't say enough about this birthday girl.
Leslie will do ANYTHING for her friends. Not even kidding. She will drop anything.
She is the most amazing singer i've ever heard.
Boys love her because she's rad.
She is the most sincere person & so down to earth.
She's way good at scratches.
She is super talented.
She makes jokes about herself & they're not true, but funny.
She's very honest. Love it.
She doesn't gossip.
Her nickname for me is "dani-dan-dan-dan" which i don't think is a nickname because it's longer than my real name.
She's always breaking out of her comfort zone & trying new things.
When someone says something bad about someone, she says something nice about them.
She treats everyone the same.
She's really confident.
She takes really good care of you when you're a sicky.
She is so good at remembering everyone else's birthday. She comes over with a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Caramel Apple everytime.
She is the most selfless person & is always doing service for others.
She's a hottie.

Happy birthday love buggy Les-Face!

1 comment:

  1. Leslie IS so great! She is always so warm and friendly even after just meeting her once!



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