Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2 "Trafalga is the happiest place on earth."

We went to the batting cages to do some "ball bashing."

Okay first of all, I just need to say how AWESOME i am at baseball.and i was on something this particular night.
Fellow ball basher. Atta girl Em!
Oh, P.S. if you flirt hard core with Scott at the baseball counter, he might hook you up with some free rounds of go carts. You're welcome girls.And if you flirt even more, he might hook you up with a ream or two of tickets. I'm just sayin...
And you might even win some awesomely cool spider rings. No biggie.
When we were waiting for our turn in the batting cages I told Emily to spin around her bat for 30 seconds and then drop the bat and jump over it. She totally failed. But if you want to see someone who completely slaughters the challenge, watch me.


  1. hahah i love the sweet vid

    you're such a cheetah and i freakin cant wait for you to get home. The fam is kinda excited too, we mention you sometimes at dinner.

  2. what do you say? You can list them in order of importance & greatness if that's easier.



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