Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6 lately

Sometimes I'm bad about posting the real life stuff. This is what i've been up to lately:
a soda fight with the girlies (more sticky pics to come soon) living the life at a few pool parties
celebrating birthdays at Sundance
loving my friends who apparantly i tower over (where's mel, sar & maeg when i need them?)
getting the cars washed
it wouldn't be summer without the windows down & hip hop blaring
bonfires at Nunns Park
playing with sparklers
And it's been a whole month... but ALLI WAGS graduated! What?! We're so proud of her. Oh the places you'll go.
(I was really really bummed i couldn't watch the whole ceremony because of work, but don't worry, i sent her a reassuring text right before reminding her not to trip or throw up.)
So we celebrated at Tucanos with the Heymans
Thanks again Ma & Pa Heyman! It was so good & filling. I haven't had to eat for a month!!


  1. haha so glad rachel was driving for that picture.

  2. Hey Danielle!
    I was just wondering if you would make me a blog header if I send you a picture or two?

  3. awesome dani! looks like you're havin fun and partyin up in provo!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hey Danielle...this was fun to see...tell Allison a BIG CONGRATS from us...what would be a nice gift for her? I liked your outfit in the bottom picture. LOVE YOU!!!

  6. Looks like you are really making some time for fun! I so glad that you are so well adjusted,Danielle, and can survive without us very well. Your parents have done a good job of giving you both roots and wings!



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