Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Confessions of a Shopaholic

Even though this is my new favorite movie, I'm not gonna talk about her: I'm gonna talk about me.
I have a problem. My mom told me that they casted the wrong girl for the movie & I should've had Isla Fisher's role.
You see, I have strong feelings on both of these confilcting things:
shopping & saving money
I'm really good with handling my money, but
I shop when I get a bad grade & I feel better.
I shop when I'm stressed about a boy & I feel better.
It's even more of a problem right now. I have a large surplus of money in my bank account begging me to splurge & i have a few stressful situations telling me to spend but I know I must save save save because that's what grown-ups do.
Remind me to save.


  1. haha love it. you're so good dani, i am just barely starting to figure out the whole SAVING money thing.. isn't money meant to be spent on clothes and shoes and the CUTEST swimsuits ever at downeast and and and..

  2. You will never be sorry you saved your money but you can be sorry you spent it. Spending brings guilt and that robs you of peace. Feeling peace is so much better than feeling guilt. Does that help you, Danielle? I am like you though, it is more fun to spend. I always appreciate your honesty.

  3. SAVE :) (that's your reminder from me!)



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