Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 Pierdo Perú: Perú Entry 8

A year ago today I left for Perú. I get so so sad when I think about it because i just absolute love that place. Lately Ash & I have been having quite a few teary eyed Perú talks. We first arrived in the city of Lima on the 23rd of April. Here's some of the pictures from our flight & the city of Lima:
This would be Ash Bash saying goodbye to her then boyfriend & now husband Casey Kirkland. This is when we were taking off from Atlanta to Lima & was the last time we were able to use real phones... (p.s. make the picture larger to see the tear drop.) This would be the picture Ashley Eckel & I laughed at for the whole 13 hour trip
Arriving in Lima in the middle of the night! We were so excited!
We stayed at an old man's house for the few days we were in Lima. We affectionately named him "Poppy." Poppy thought we were weird. I took this photo to document our first breakfast in Perú, little did i know we'd be eating the same thing for the next few months. So so gross. (how did we survive girls?)
This was our first morning going to downtown Lima. We were all just so excited to be there!

There were some kids downtown from a private school on a field trip. They were all about the American girls & kept following us around...

At the end of the day we went souvenir shopping. We found some interesting items.

In Perú the law says that only the people in the front have to be buckled up. We took advantage of that and saved money on taxis.
Tuckered out after a long, wonderful first day.


The other day we had a reunion at La Carreta a Peruvian restaurant in Provo. ...and i loved the Inca Kola. My dad used to buy Inca Kola & bring it home from Peru when i was a little kid. Rach & I called it "bubblegum soda" The name stuck. I miss Perú!

Just for kicks I'll put this up again since it's the real reason I even went to Perú.

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  1. I think it's so cool that you did that last year! Good for you--and it looks like it was so fun :)



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