Thursday, March 05, 2009

1 parents on facebook.

Some people think it's creepy & weird.
I like it.
My dad's facebook cracks me up 100% of the time.

This is my dad's current status:
"The family is all in Japan (minus the two studious princesses) wish the girls could be here too. Spencer is in Sushi heaven and Chase has almost 30 floors of apartments to explore when we're not out on the city... And that's all i have to say about that."

This was my reply:
"that status describes everyone perfectly, especially the princess part. I'm still confused on why the princesses didn't get a first class flight to Japan on a Private Jet with butlers offering us Fiji water with lemon the entire flight. weird. Spencer loves sushi & Chase loves big houses... i mean buildings, so that makes sense too."
The part in my dad's status about Chase. So funny. So true. "And that's all i'm gonna say about that." Oh gosh.

Now for my mom's:
"Kari could reallllly go crazy in the stores here...I love the clothes. Paris has nothing on these guys!"
Yep, that says it all.
Keep having fun fam. I love the pictures.
P.S. Mom: Alison called me dying laughing about this picture. She could not spit her words out & loved dad's head wrap. She loved your captions too...

1 comment:

  1. hahahh I love it that they're on facebook too, and Grandmother and all the great-aunts/uncles. So great. p.s. I was tellin syd about how fun it is that the fam is goin to japan and how spencer loves sushi and chase loves traveling anywhere as long as he gets to go look around. I told her he'd probably be more obsessed w/ the hotel (forgetting they'd be staying @ dad's condo)



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