Monday, March 16, 2009

4 little Markie.

This is my dad. Markie Mark.
I don't know what that cut on his lip is from, but I did hear from aunts & uncles, and occasionally my dad that he liked to beat up the other kids. Always the tough guy.
Or maybe it's just strawberry jam.
According to my dad's siblings, he was a good, easy going kid & my grandparents thought he was perfect. My Uncle Richard told me that one day my dad was making him upset about something & when my Grandpa came home Richard tattled on him & my Grandpa's response was, "Who Mark? I don't believe you, he would never do that."
This is my dad & my Aunt Loraine.
This is my dad's family when his oldest sister Barbara got married to my Uncle Russ.
He's the baby on my Grandpa's lap in this one.
Their family is big. He is the 13th of 15 kids.
There's Barbara, Elaine, Robert, Stephen, Susan, JoAnn, Loraine, Paul, Grant, Mary, Kay, Richard, Mark, Diane & Ann. Weren't Grandma & Grandpa troopers??
In this pic he's the one with the hand on Grandpa Dean's knee.
All grown up.
My dad's on the far left with the dark hair & pinkish tie :)
I love my dad's family. I have over a 130 first cousins. Family reunions ROCK! My dad & his siblings were raised as a bunch of poor farmers & are the hardest working crew I know. Seriously, even my 9 Aunts are more hard core than any other sissy man I know. That's why it's scary to marry into our family.
Stolworthy Requirements:
1. Buck up or get out. No pansy's allowed.
2. No crying here.
3. Can only sleep 4 hours a night. There's too much work to get done.
4. Never call anyone to fix anything. Do it yourself.
5. Hard work, work, work & no half done jobs. That equals laziness.
*just because these are the requirements, does not mean I possess any of these qualities to the full extent that I should...

I LOVE MY DAD! He's the best!!!


  1. mmm perfectly said, k and I love how dad is the exact inbetween of what spence and chase looked like as babies

  2. hahaha I KNOW! sometimes i'll look at him & think "oh wow he looks So much like Spence!" and then another time i'll think chase. so weird.

  3. How do you have these great family pictures on your computer??? I want them! :)
    Our family is so awesome!
    Hmm...I'm thinking another Stolworthy din din soon, please! I'll be the host this time. :)
    You are fabulous, Dani (and so is your Dad)!

  4. haha yess! Aunt Mary gave them to me... i'll forward them to you if you want!



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