Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 Wild at Heart

This song & video make me want to go home so bad. It reminds me of summer nights in Tennessee & I keep seeing Nashville in the background which stabs at my heart. I never thought the only way i'd be able to feel "at home" would be to watch CMT, which i've had to do a lot of lately...

P.S. Rach: Is that the Carnton Plantation at the end of the video?

I just sent my dad the most pitiful text message begging to come home for Easter. He hasn't responded... does that mean he's thinking long & hard about it? haha.

But seriously, i'm couting down the days until i'm home. 2009 will be the greatest summer! What makes it even better is that my sister's roommate Sydney is coming to visit us!! I can't WAIT! We're trying to steal her for the week of 4th of July. Here's my sales pitch Syd:

.We'll be partying hard for Rachel's birthday. Our little firecracker baby :)

.We'll shoot off a million fireworks & Kari will throw a huge party & Bar-B-Que & the Sherwoods will come (that right there should be enough) & there will be food

.We'll lay out at the pool & get our tan on

.We'll run through fields & eat popscicles.

.We'll go to Nash Vegas at night & meet tons of Southern Gents & listen to all the country stars playing alll nigggghhhht loooong.

.We'll go to the rope swing at Harpeth River where Rachel used to be a little rebel...

.We'll drive the backroads with country music blasting & the windows down

.We'll eat Strouds Bar-b-que everyday & you'll cry it's so good.

.We'll hit up the cutest boutiques you've ever seen in your life in downtown Franklin & at The Factory

.We'll go to Opryland & meet a few stars

Is that cool? K. I'm super stoked.


  1. hahahaha ohmygosh Dani.
    This post just made my life.
    You have NO idea how excited I am to be comingggg.
    Rach and I were just listening to some good country jams on the way to SLC and I was getting really excited to visit my future home.
    Can we just fast forward please??
    I'm looking at tickets right now.
    Loveeee youuuu

  2. Oh geeze. you don't even know. it'll be the greatest time of our lives! Maybe we should just move back in with Mark & Kari & do independent study... We might never get married but we'd have a killer college experience :)

  3. all such true words, i'm not sure which video it is bc i'm on byu internet right now, but i'll watch it when I get to my apt tonight!

  4. ah dani, hilarious, I just watched that video, but I downloaded that song like a week ago! hahaha and yes that's the carnton plantation, they're tryin to make it look like they filmed it inside, but there's no way the town let them do that! ha so great, I am in love w/ that song, and im glad to fially get to watch the movie!

  5. haha i know... the inside didn't even look like the Carnton but when i saw the outside i couldn't tell because it was such a short clip!



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