Saturday, March 14, 2009

1 Birthdays away from home

It's always hard to have a birthday away from home. My mom always made birthdays ROCK... but honestly, my college friends are pretty good about bringing the heat....
My freshman year was so much fun. All the Cheetahs were going through a man hating stage, so we just went out to dinner with the girls & didn't invite our guy friends. Of course we partied afterwards.

Sophomore year we had cake on Sunday night... (p.s. we make birthdays last all month at our apartment)
Then on my birthday we were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory. Well it had just opened and there was a 2 hour wait and we had to be home by a certain time so we tried Macaroni Grill. The wait was too long once again. People started getting frustrated...
So finally, we decided on the food court. Yep! We drove an hour to eat at the food court. It was funny, but everyone was able to eat what they wanted :) Then, we went laser tagging.
So much fun.
This is the first night we met the "Panthers."
We became best friends instantly...

And finally, my third birthday away from home has not let me down!
First my friends threw me that surprising Surprise Party. (I usually always find out surprises ahead of time so that's a big thing to pull off...)

And tonight we did a girls night starting at Macaroni Grill. It was nummy.Smell Bells is 21.Dani Deej is 21. Ash Ecks is 21. oh wait, she wasn't loving the picture taking idea so much...

After, we went back to the Cheetah Mansion to sing birthday songs & eat cake. This is Mel singing happy birthday to herself. She's too into it i think. Thanks Cheetahs for always making my birthday so special.


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  1. Dani I'm so sorry I couldn't make the birthday dinner on friday, I have been really sick all week and had to go to urgent care so I just couldn't make it :( Love all three birthday girls though!



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