Friday, March 06, 2009

1 surprise!

So my friends are awesome & threw Mel & I a big bash surprise birthday party Tuesday night. I was kidnapped, blindfolded & an iPod was shoved in my ears full blast when driving to Melissa's boyfriends apartment. Little did I know, Mel was in the car blindfolded, iPod & all heading to the same spot. When arriving at McKay's apartment, blindfolds were ripped off, everyone yelled "SURPRISE" and Mel & I just looked at each other and busted up laughing. The first thing I said was, "Oh man, surprises make me want to throw up..." haha rude, i know, but for some reason when I know a surprise is coming on, I get all nauseuos (I have issues with the unknown...) Good thing I didn't know this one was coming on! (Clearly I had no clue, I was on the couch watching American Idol, looking a little rough from a long day of school as seen in the pictures...) Ahh my friends are the best! I love you guys!

It looks like we're not having fun here, but there were a lot more people & we really had a blast! Melissa & I blowing out our candles.
wonderful friends & guests!
you sneaky, sneaky snakes!

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