Friday, February 20, 2009

4 Sweetheart Baby Brother

I wrote on Chase's facebook wall and asked him how life was going, sports & girls, and this was his response:
"hey dani!! im just lettin ya know!! well the girls are awesome & sports are awesome & life is also, defanetely awesome & well pretty much everything is awesome!!!! OH and the dogs are awesome and always cute and that is defenate!! notice that i haven't changed my pic in like a million years cause i just can't bring myself to do it!!!!"
this is his profile pic:
Seriously, is that not so cute?
Maybe he's getting too old to call cute now, but I still think he's the cutest.
Now, while we are on the topic of Baby Stol Chase, I just have to post these letters Chase wrote to his 1st grade girlfriend/stalker about 5 years ago. I saved them to my computer of course:
1. "Dear Housta,
I hope you have a happy Valentine with all the joy you need
You are so dear and kind, I hope you have a happy Valentine!"
2. "Dear Housta,
I don’t know what happened today at recess
and I want to know what happened. If you get the
chance to talk please tell me what happened. I hope
your arm gets feeling better. Its really important
that you tell me what’s happening. You’re a good
friend and I don’t want to lose a friend at this time
of the year.
P.S. You don’t have to give me your phone number
anymore. Your friend, Chase"
*you need to see the real font he used with hearts all over. It adds to the affect.
It's a good thing Chase doesn't look at my blog or he'd die.
and finally... this is Chase when Rach & i surprised our family & flew home for Thanksgiving: video


  1. Hi Love! I am DYING reading this. I also thought to myself, "My brothers would K-I-L-L me if I posted this about them!" I guess it's could Baby Stol Chase doesn't read the ole blog. :) We missed you at Nic's game today, but I hope your tests are going well!! Loves!!

  2. hahahahahahahaha ooooomggggg. I LOVE CHASE. i read ya'lls wall to wall the other day when i he wrote you that back and i seriously was dyinggg laughing. he talks like he's 40 years old. I LOVE HIM. what a doll.

  3. HAHA! I KNOW! I'm so glad you guys see the humor in this as well, oh man he's the funniest kid! I think if everyone was friends with Chase on FB, the world would be a better place.

  4. Chase is so great, definitely one of a kind!



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