Thursday, January 01, 2009

0 cousins are cool.

So I have about 9357023984203 boy cousins & 3 girl cousins and we're all so close! Some of my mom's fam is in town now & we've just been laughing & hanging out. I feel so worthless but it's been fun.
Paul, my sister Rachel, my brother Spencer, me,
Ian, Brian & James is up in front.

& speaking of cousins...
... this guy gets back from his mission tomorrow night. He's the last of like 6 missionary cousins to get home in the past year & I am overly thrilled to see TJ, words can't even say. He's going to BYU-I for a semester & then will transfer to BYU for fall! We're BFF & he has a history of beating up guys that don't treat me very well so that will come in handy i'm sure.& we go way back.

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