Friday, January 16, 2009


So apparently Allison & I are a little out of it. The news has been out for quite a while... Ever since I've come to college, my sister's been telling me to get a bus pass. This year, my walk to campus takes 23 minutes (& that's even with Fergie playing, making me walk faster). The walk is not too bad and it makes me feel better if I didn't get a chance to work out that day. However, on the first day of snow this semester, at 8am, walking to campus, no one had shovled their sidewalks yet. But oh, don't worry! I made a trail in the 36 inches of snow for anyone going to campus after me. The whole way to school I uttered awful things about Utah under my breath. The whole 35 minutes.
That was the last straw and as soon as I got to school I caved. I bought a pass. The next morning, my 5 minute ride to the Wilk was glorious. I felt slightly guilty as I passed the kids walking to school doing my normal job of clearing the way. However, in the end, I was too happy for my bus pass owning self to feel sorry for the non bus pass owning Provo walkers. I convinced my roommate Al Pal to get a pass as well. She did. Ever since then we've been telling everyone on campus the miracle of the UTA Bus Pass. Everyone else looks at us like we're idiots. Apparantly, everyone else on BYU has already discovered them. Oh well, we will continue to share this good message with all we come in contact with. We are bound to find someone who is dumb enough to walk to school in 3 feet of snow.

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