Saturday, December 20, 2008

1 winter time & the livin' is easy...

Today has been so great.

What i've done so far:

1. woke up at 11am (10am Utah time, little break please)

2. Went downstairs to find it semi trashed from all the friends my brother had over last night. (My parents are out of town in Atlanta for their 23rd wedding anniversary shopping & hitting up some fun shows so it is my job of course to clean everything.) Now it's spotless.

3. Showered

4. Wandered around the house not knowing what to do....

5. now i'm back in my big, fluffy bed listening to colbie callait & norah jones

I love lazy days, haven't had one of these in forever! I'm literally on campus from 8am everyday to 7,8 or 9pm every night. It's so nice to not have every detail planned down to every minute. Hopefully all my hard work paid off in school so I can rationalize doing nothing today.

1 comment:

  1. Colbie and Norah = perfection.

    Sounds like an amazing day to me. Let's make the mansion more homey when we get back. Can you imagine just all sitting home on a Friday night, sipping hot cocoa, listening to some Norah? Lets invite all the cheetah's over before Ash bash gets married and have girls night. I think it would be splendid.

    p.s. I miss you and I love your blog. Please keep updating this entire break. It entertains me.



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