Monday, December 29, 2008

1 The Spirit of Nashville

So I descoverd this Spirit of Nashville company at Green Hills Mall. They make these killer prints of the hottest spots in Nash Vegas so I brought home a brochure for my mom. She was obsessed & is ordering a bunch for our upstairs entertainment room. Enjoi!

The legendary "Batman" Building Nashville skyline.

I think my mom died when she saw this one. Our bridge!
The Bluebird Cafe is a whole in a wall, but anyone who's made it big started here. It's the best place to go & listen to music! If you come to Nashville, the bluebird is a must.

Let's imagine this one is me. A highschool dream that died haha.

Only exact replica of the Greek's Parthenon ever! They show movies here in the summer & my friends & I come here & play football in the field.
A ferryboat they have outside of the Opryland Hotel. This is where we have our after-prom til 4am. It's the greatest.
Belmont is mostly known as a music school. Chase plays here a lot.
Steeplechase, such a big deal. Bring your sun dresses.

& bam. I actually have this print in a shirt.

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  1. yup, i love those prints too! It's memories put fun prints :D



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