Sunday, July 06, 2008

2 te amo Peru.

This summer I was able to visit Peru for over 10 weeks. It was an INCREDIBLE experience. I was so naive that I wasn't nervous but after living in a 3rd world country for over 2 months, I know I can travel anywhere! Our group had 11 BYU students, four of them were some of my best friends. The first week we stayed in Lima for 3 days and Iquitos, on the Amazon River, for 4 days. After that, my friend Ashley Eckel & I flew to Cusco, Peru by ourselves. The first couple of days we struggled because we were on our own and everything was so foreign, but after our breakdown, we were good for the rest of the trip! About half way through, Ash & I flew to Trujillo to stay with our friends Ashley Anderson & Sara Mildenhall for a few days.

While in Cusco, we worked in a boys orphanage. It was so heartbreaking to see these little boys who didn't have parents, were abandoned or their parents were too poor to keep them. The boys were so incredibly sweet to each other though, I have really never seen anything like it. Obviously they argued sometimes, but mostly they were very supportive & loving to one another. Their favorite things to do were jump rope, relay races (we taught them a bunch & had field day once a week), monkey bars, play futbol (soccer), play with their tops, watch movies (i bought remember the titans & they LOVED it!) & eat! Before I left I had them all write something in my journal & we had them paint their hand prints on our shirts. They had so much fun with that! I will miss my boys so much!
Check out Sara Mildenhall's blog:
Check out Ashley Eckel's blog:

So I have about 98745928375028308 pictures from this trip, but i'll put up a few of my faves.

in lima with the other girls

Amazon River at sunset

Helping Edbarzon with his homework

Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru.

flying in to Cusco

night time in the Plaza

visiting the girls' orphanage

locking Ashley in one day when we had to leave

me & Bernie

me & Romario

te amo Peru!


me & Luis

he always told me i was his girlfriend so... i tricked him.

our house!

tucking Alberto in!

the shirts we made!

my Argentinan friend!


  1. you are so beautiful love your long hair!
    what a wonderful experience, you will never forget!

    thanks for sharing!



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