Friday, March 28, 2008

2 oh man we are living...

so i realize it's been way too long since i've posted anything. I'm gonna try to cover the last three months in one post though!!

As soon as the snow melts, Utah is beautiful! Look at the mountains reflecting off of the JFSB!

80's dancing! haha

This is my amazing friend & Peru partner Ashley!

Out with the roomies and some friends for dinner!

Laser Tag!


At the birthday party for Mel & I!

We love going to Rugby games!

(whitney, maegan, me & Rachel) Easter with 2 sets of sisters! Maegan is my roommate and Whitney, Maegan's sister, is Rachel's roommate!

My wonderful roommate Melissa!

My amazing best friends from back home!

No more snow! No more snow!

The roomies at the Jazz vs. Suns game!

We revisited the dorms :)


  1. what your sister is at BYU?
    where have i been?

  2. yeah! she's been here all year with Jenna & Josh! Don't worry though Kristi, she's in Chipman Hall... I made sure she wasn't a Heritage loser :)



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