Monday, March 24, 2014

5 Newport Beach

Sean had spring break this last week which was a perfect excuse to get away! My dad travels a lot with his job and is currently working on a project in LA. We were able to meet up with my parents and brother for a little vacay in Newport.

I always love a good road trip. And the drive is only a few short hours from us. We talked, laughed and listened to Divergent on Sean's iPhone. Woot woot! Party! Wild! SB 2014!
As usual, my dad hooked us up in an awesome place with a pretty view.
Frozen bananas on Balboa Island were a must. Even though I hate bananas...
But it's okay, because my mom loves them.
A big thanks to my cool cat parents!
And finally, my beautiful merman husband.

As you may know from The Little Mermaid, it's hard to keep a relationship between a Merperson and a human alive and strong, but Sean and I do it everyday.

Anyways, today Sean started his kidney unit and I have gone back to work. Our life is so fancy.

Spring break is definitely over. Boo hoo.


  1. YOU ATE A BANANA!!?? That is more surprising than Sean the merman. (I was not surprised by Sean the merman. But great photo!)

  2. "I just hate the way bananas sound!"
    "I mean the way they sound when people chew them not the word banana!"
    bahaha. Thanks for bringing a great memory back to my mind. It looked like a beautiful, war and glorious trip!!

    1. Oh man... that makes me miss our crew. Sar Bear is one funny gal!!

  3. The line about people/merman relationships seriously killed me. Also, this looks like it was a beautiful trip!



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