Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 Sweet & Sour

Lola = Sour Patch Kids

I know puppies are teething so they like to chew, and Lola does some of that too, but if she gets mad at you, she'll come over, bite your toe really hard and then just walk off. Yes, we've discovered she has a little temper. A couple minutes later though, she'll snuggle with you and fall asleep in your arms. Heart melter.

We have started putting her in time out (aka an empty bathtub) when she gets mad and then she's nice again after time out. When we march her to the bath tub, she knows she's in trouble and starts crying. The drama.

Before work, we put her in her pen. She freaks out at first when we leave her, but Sean starts the pep talk a few minutes beforehand: "Lola, you've have a hard week, it's time for you to take a 'you day.' Play with your toys, chew on your bone and just relax. You deserve it."

She's fun, she's cute and she's sassy.


  1. She's WAY too cute! Yes, let's just sneak her into the hotel room in LA please! xoxoxo

    1. She's so excited to meet Grandma! She told me she wants you to buy her lots of toys!

  2. She is sooooo cute! Ah she's coming to tn, too, right?



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