Sunday, December 01, 2013

3 Free December Print

I have come to terms with the fact we will not be decorating for Christmas either, this year. We started unpacking the house and then came to a stop when we couldn't unpack anymore and realized it's because we have no furniture besides beds... HAH! Total first world problem.

We got a chunk of things at Ikea last week but we are fresh out of moolah and still surrounded by piles of boxes. I don't know how magical a beautifully lit tree would look when it's encompassed with boxes of books and bags of clothes.

I imagined celebrating Christmas a little differently. I imagined being all the way moved in and unpacked and having the time necessary to make our home look and feel and smell like Christmas. I am surprised at how completely fine I've felt with not concerning myself with decorations and the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I've also been continuously reminded that most of what makes the holidays special is having your family close by and I'm lucky enough this year to have doubled my family.

And really, as difficult as it's been to not have the time and to be on a crazy tight budget with so many unexpected expenses, I can't feel anything but grateful this year. Especially after this Thanksgiving. I have the greatest family. Our parents have bent over backwards to help us in the last 6 months. Sean and I are loving our life together! Even though we're facing the financial struggles a majority of young couples do, we find happiness and there is laughter everyday. I know I will look back and cherish everything about right now! I have a job. And although it's not the job I'd prefer, it's the job we prayed for. I have the gospel and I have a testimony that grows more and more each day.  I am healthy. I have the greatest guy in the world to share these joys and challenges with! He is so smart, and funny, and hard working, and incredibly patient and kind and has the biggest heart in the world, etc, etc, etc. He is good to the core and I cannot even imagine having anyone else by my side. I am SO lucky!

Once again for December I have a free print! Of course, it won't be making it's way up in the Kent house this year. I'm struggling to just remember to put on my deodorant in the morning.

Download the print here!

A few reminders about printing prints--

Print on a matte paper. If you print on glossy, light will catch it in a glass frame and it's harder to read.

A lot of times, prints won't print true to color at printing shops so make sure when you're mailing it in to have the Autocorrect settings turned OFF or you'll get your print back a few shades too dark.

One of my favorite places to print is Alphagraphics. They're all over the country so chances are there will be one semi near you. You can email in the file (ask that they print it on a heavy duty card stock) and they're really good about getting it done quickly.

Happy times! I love feeling the holiday sprit and I love all the wonderful things Christmas brings. Happy December!


  1. Thanks Danielle I love the print and will print one out for use at home. Thanks for the AlphaGraphics love as well, I work at the center in Bountiful and it is always good to hear from happy customers.

    1. Oh, perfect! Yes, I even printed my wedding announcements at Alphagraphics :)

    2. Which AlphaGraphics center do you typically use?



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