Thursday, October 03, 2013

4 Halloween Print

Best time of year! I love Halloween, I love Thanksgiving and I lurrrrve Christmas! I can hardly contain my excitement and I'm imagining too many get togethers with friends to celebrate all of the upcoming holidays.

Unfortunately we are in the middle of a move so I'm unable to decorate for Halloween this year. Thumbs down.

The good news is that I created this print last year and I want to share it with all my blog friends because someone's got to celebrate!

Download here.

A few reminders about printing prints--

Print on a matte paper. If you print on glossy, light will catch it in a glass frame and it's harder to read.

A lot of times, prints won't print true to color at printing shops so make sure when you're mailing it in to have the Autocorrect settings turned OFF or you'll get your print back a few shades too dark.

One of my favorite places to print is Alphagraphics. They're all over the country so chances are there will be one semi near you. You can email in the file (ask that they print it on a heavy duty card stock) and they're really good about getting it done quickly.

And here are a few horrible cell phone pics from my ledge last year.



  1. Super cute! I saw it on Pinterest earlier and loved it:)

    1. Kristen, I love alllll the things you've been doing! How do you have the energy! I'm impressed

  2. Love it! You are SO cute & creative! <3

  3. Totally gonna download this! How do you make your printables?!



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