Sunday, October 20, 2013

4 Bisbee

We spent a fun weekend in Bisbee with Sean's parents and aunt.

We started out in the morning with the Bisbee stair climb. 1000 steps, 4 miles and lots of fun. We will definitely be back next year!

Muscle milk is pretty much liquid gold at our house. So Sean grabbed an embarrassing amount when they were wrapping up at the end. We are set at least for a few more days.

After the stair climb, we got to explore the town in absolutely perfect weather.

Olive oil testing and awkward poses..... %#$&@??

We ate very well on this trip.

Musicians were on the streets everywhere playing their music. It added tons of charm to this already charming city.

We went to antique store after antique store trying to scour some finds. And we did!

Goodbye for now Bisbee. We will miss almost everything about you.


  1. I now feel like I need to go here sometime in my life. What a fun trip!

    1. Yes! It has the most darling little shops to visit! Love your blog, by the way!

  2. So interesting and it reminded me of the shopping I got to do in some of the places in California, however, there were no stairs to climb. Glad you could do it and wish that I could do it. Proud of alll of you! Fun pictures!

  3. Did you have lunch at the Copper Queen Hotel? Jansen and Katie had a track meet in Bisbee when they were in high school. While they had lunch with their teammates at the track, Andy and I went to the Copper Queen. Andy learned what hot chili was that day.



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