Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 Tried & True

I saw this recipe and it looked so simple and we already had most of the ingredients which of course is another big plus. I thought it was delicious but I will say, if you're used to cooking with pasta, this dish could be disappointing. Spaghetti squash has more of a crunch (after all, it is a vegetable) and has a sweeter taste.

We've been trying to make the transition to really clean eating. If I don't understand the words in the nutrition facts, I try to stay away from it (obviously we aren't good about doing it for everything we eat, but for a majority of our meals, we try).

This meal has garlic, onions, tomatoes, basil and feta cheese (I skipped out on the olives because me no likey). The nice thing about this sort of recipe is you can't really ruin it! Put whatever yummy things you like in it. Sean had two full bowls and asked if there was extra for lunch tomorrow. Yum! Oh, and it made our house smell amaaazing.

I would love ideas of more recipes to make! Help a sister out. And even though it's still 85 degrees where I live, I'm aching to try some fall recipes.


  1. this looks yummy! I make a pasta like this too!

    XOXO Bunnie

    1. Thanks Bunnie! I love new blog friends!

  2. This looks scrumptious. Paul and I love this Qunioa dish:

    1. Thanks Mal!! We will have to try it. I have already bookmarked it. We miss you guys :(



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