Saturday, September 28, 2013

2 Niceness

Three (of the many) things I love about Sean:
1. He is really funny.
2. He is not lazy.
3. He's always serving others.

So a few weeks ago he signed us up to teach inmates healthcare at the state prison one Saturday a month. I was really excited (even though my healthcare knowledge is literally brush your teeth, get your flu shot and please take some sort of birth control).

I was worried Sean would be exhausted by Saturday but I guess I keep forgetting how much energy he has. I should've never doubted him considering he's the boy who will roll over in the morning and the first words out of his mouth are, "Good morning. Wanna go for a run?"
Umm. Let me become conscious really fast, first.

We needed to meet our group at 7am on Saturday to go to the prison, so including driving time, I knew we'd be up a little early.
When we were getting ready for bed the night before he asked me what time I set the alarm for.
"I set it for 5:30."
"What? Why so early?"
"Because I need to shower before we leave."
"Danielle, you don't need to make a splash at the prison."
"Well, it's not like I'm dusting off my prom dress..."

And then we laughed. And of course, because I had to, I exaggerated that comment times 8 billion. I mean, I really hope I didn't make too big of a splash by showering.

Oh and prison time is actually fun. Not that I'm recommending living there.

He also hooked me up last week when I was having an extra crampy day.

"Seeeeeaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I have really bad cramps. OWWW. I need an ice cream cone."

"Right now? It's bedtime...."

5 minutes later, we are at McDonald's drive through.

Sean: "Hi, can we get an ice cream cone?"
McDonald's employee: "Oh, I'm sorry, our machine is broken."
Sean: "Really? Oh no! My wife is on her period and really needs an ice cream cone."

Oh geeze. Not what I had in mind but I still laughed my butt off.

Today, Sean is in Mexico working at a clinic. I dropped him off at the hospital 5:30am and he will be back in an hour. You see, when you live an hour from the border, you do things like go to other countries for a Saturday to check vital signs and make sure everyone's all good.

That Sean, such a little do-gooder.
His brownie point score is off the charts right now. I hope we get like 10 million blessings for all the nice things he does for other people. Blessings are my favorite. Hardy har har.


  1. hahahhahaha, that poor mcdonalds worker.

  2. i bet the inmates would've loved it if you wore your prom dress. next month? DO IT.



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