Wednesday, September 11, 2013

7 Pizza Night

By Friday I'm usually kind of spent. Wouldn't it be cool if Fridays were how they used to be when I was 20 years old? There was always some dance party and I was always in attendance. But what's even cooler is being 25 and not going to a dance party on a Friday night and staying at home and cutting your cuticles and watching Hulu and making pizza.
I'm totally a pizza girl. I seriously could eat pizza for every meal and I'd be so happy. And so huge.

I guess for a while I had a crazy Margherita pizza craving and kept telling Sean about it. One night I said, "You know what I want so bad?" And he said, "Margherita pizza?" And I freaked because I though he was a crazy mind reader and then he told me I had literally told him everyday that week. So embarrassing and chubby of me.

Friday after work we walked on over to Trader Joe's. Man I love that place. I love Joe and I love that he trades because his food is so nommy.

Because it was a Friday evening and I was a little tired, I decided to go the lazy route and buy their pre-made dough. I love it. It just comes in a little baggy in their refrigerator section. For Margherita pizza, I think white or wheat dough would be the best option.

Pizza dough (use a recipe you love or buy it pre made like I did)
6 tomatoes on the vine
3 T olive oil
10 basil leaves
Fresh Mozzarella
1. Roll out your dough and place it on your pizza stone. I stick it in the oven at 350 for about 10 mins so it's a little cooked.

2. Chop basil and mix about 3 Tlbs of olive oil together in a bowl and brush on top of pizza crust.

3 & 4. Cut up the tomatoes and place on top. Randomly place fresh mozzarella on top of the tomatoes.

Place in oven and let it cook for 30 minutes.

Sean ate 7/8ths of the pizza so he can't be too mad that I kept bringing it up. In fact he said, "Danielle, if Oprah ate this pizza, it would be one of her favorite things."


And you need to know that Sean plays/sings this song while making pizza. The best part about this song is the chorus is really easy to learn and they play it over and over and over and over and over so you'll pick it up pretty fast. And then when you stop playing it, your husband will constantly sing it and when you BEG him to stop singing it, it gets stuck in your head for life. So that's good.


  1. I sing that song almost EVERY time I make pizza!! haha hilarious!

    1. Do you think the Olsen twins sing this every time they eat pizza?

  2. oh my gosh, I've never seen this before. But I love it and we too are pizza lovers at our home. So, I showed it to my husband without telling him anything about it and he said "I will work on memorizing this today" so you can bet he'll be singing it next time we have pizza!

  3. Wow that song is WAYYYY over the top. You are hilarious and that pizza sounds dang good.

  4. ok dani...this is super random... but remember a couple of years ago (like 5...) you posted a video of night of us dancing at the house after a night of partying at that one dance you still have that video??? if so can you email it to me

  5. SO FUNNY...Uh "I want Margharita Pizza, I want Margharita pizza" track mind! Love it! It's like you're pregnant...WAIT!!!! Are you pregnant???? hahahaha! xooxoxox

  6. p.s. I'm glad Joe decided to trade too! :)



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