Monday, August 19, 2013

5 Seattle Is For Lovers

We made a weekend trip to Seattle for Sean's friend's wedding.

Morning walk.

We spent the day at Pike Place Market. Love that place!

We couldn't decide what we wanted for breakfast so we just made lots of little stops and grazed. Everything was delicious.

Stopped at a little Russian bakery and got this Braeburn baked apple covered in puff pastry and hazelnut. Super dangerous and super good!

Sean loves petting bees.

And he loved the gum wall.

It made me super nervous. It's a good thing I'm good at making cute nervous faces.

Birds love fish n' chips.

And we loved Seattle.
I mean, we can't seem to sit still for longer than 5 days so anyone want to suggest places for us to go this upcoming weekend? That was a trick question. Please don't.


  1. Maybe you remembered that I spent my first year of marriage in Seattle, WA. I loved the place back then but wanted to be closer to family and we eventually did move back to Florida. Since then, I have been back just once to Seattle and it was quite a long time ago, also. I'd sure like to visit there again! Lucky you! We lived in an apartment building in West Seattle on Avalon Way and the apartment number was 2109. Later our very first home in Clearwater, FL had the same number of 2109, then still later we had a home that was 3109. Just a little trivia for the record books. hahaha

  2. I LOVE Seattle! It's the best! And Sean's stretching pictures is all sorts of funny. And so is your gum wall pic. Glad it was fun!

  3. GREEN RIVER!!! We can look at the sage brush, do some shopping at Walmart and Boot Barn and the list goes on and on!!! ;)
    I think the gum wall would make me nervous too so I appreciated your nervous face and that apple thing looked DELISH.

    And our catch-up call will happen this week :)

  4. I love Seattle!!! If I didn't love the sun so much I'd be living there in a heartbeat!

  5. Great pictures! Glad you are home. Ditto to what Allison said. The apple thing made me DROOL and the gum wall was crazy, but kind of cool LOVED the pic of the seagull action! Love and miss you both!



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