Friday, June 07, 2013

5 Countdown Is On

W E E K S   F R O M   T O D A Y   I  
 G E T   M A R R I E D .

Oh, yeah, that's why I've been MIA.

2 days after school got out, I packed up my whole life in Utah and moved to AZ. Thought maybe I'd cry but that definitely didn't happen. I was ready to skedaddle. Sean and his parents drove up to Utah to help me clean, pack, etc. Have I mentioned before that I totally landed the best in-laws ever?

Since the second we got to AZ it's been wedding planning 24/7. Meeting with all the wonderful people that have helped to put this thing together. I feel beyond blessed to have so many good people in my life and have so many people who have gone way above and beyond to make this a special time.

In a few days I go back to Tennessee to finish up things with my momma who has been working her tail off across the country. She's making my dress (plus doing about 800 other tasks I've assigned her to) and I'm kind of dying to just get that thing on.
After TN, it's back to Arizona for the wedding.
Then we are off on a surprise honeymoon that only Sean knows about......
Then move into our apartment.
Then San Diego with the Kents.
Then med school starts.
And our magical summer will come to an end.

I need a nap and I just woke up.

Ciao for now!


  1. Welcome to Arizona!!! And congrats on the wedding!!! And all the other exciting things for summer!

  2. Thank you! Excited about all my fun new adventures!!

  3. Loved the update, Danielle! So glad I finally get to hear your voice tonight! It will be fun to catch up and to have you around for a few days, too! Have a safe trip! Love you!

  4. uhh don't forget to get your SHOTS for the honeymoon!! pahaha hilarious.



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