Sunday, May 26, 2013

6 Ciao Provo!

Okay just a heads up here, we're going to be walking down memory lane so many times this week.

I have only a few days left living in Provo. How does that happen? How do you pull up to the dorms with your brand new bedding and Target bins and meet some of the best friends you'll ever have and study your butt off (bahahahahaha) then graduate college and have a career and then pack it all in a truck and move away with your fiance for forever? Happens in the blink of an eye and I won't ever get it.

I'm so annoying. I still point to my old dorm room every time I pass Chipman Hall. Fun days when I don't think we cared about boys, but maybe we did. What we really cared about though was literally hitting a party every night. I honest to goodness do not know how we functioned during the day when we never went to bed before 4am. Oh, and no worries, if I had to be up for something "early" aka noon, the next day, I just febreezed myself. Stay classy.

I think the Cheetah Mansion is what I will always think of when I remember college. I was the first one in there and the last one out. I had a lot of friends move in and get married or go on a mission and then sell their contracts to some different friends. We laughed ourselves silly there every night. Sometimes I really miss living with my 4 best girlfriends. They were easily accessible and you could ask them if your outfit was ugly and they could tell you your hair looked like Snooki's. Last night I had to text Ash pictures of the groomsmen ties to see if she liked them. She did. Sean calls texting friends things like that, "insta roomies" and I have so many insta roomies right now.

Dorms----> Liberty Square ----> Peru----> Highland Park aka Cheetah Mansion ----> Avenues ----> Here (I don't even know what my apartment complex is called now).

Yeah, my computer is jam packed with pictures of us acting like idiots. But it's okay because we had fun. My computer is also jam packed with pictures of old guy friends that have probably been married for 3 years and have 8 kids by now. Makes me feel a little uncomfortable so I deleted a few.

Fun days behind and fun days ahead! Always up for a new adventure! Ciao Provo!


  1. I'm with ya, the feeling of leaving Provo after all these years is quite strange. I'm so happy you're leaving with your fiance! :) and cheetah mansion is how I think I'll always remember college too. Although Club 34 and Chipman Chicks still hold a special place in my heart. I loved looking at the pictures. Too funny.

    looooooooooooove you

  2. I am happy for you! You have graduated from that town with flying colors! Good things have come from your awesome Alma Mater and now this amazing fiance that just (miraculously) stayed long enough to find you (re-find you)! I am just sad you are not moving farther east...maybe later!

  3. Dear Danielle,

    This write up of your true feelings about your teaching experiences was so genuine, so revealing, so very open. It actually brought me to tears, literally. I read where you said that there were struggles but you "had to love them." This touched me so deeply as you could have easily said that you had to "help" them. You said and felt it all properly that you had to LOVE them. You also used the term of "forgiving" which was really also a wonderful expression of who you are and what you are about. Can I just say, I LOVED this post! I am so very proud of you and rejoice in your much success in life. Wish I had been as mature at your age! Thanks for sharing something so special with us all, Danielle!
    Love you always and forever, Grandmother

  4. I love us. I mean, I really really do. Can we be insta roomies forever? PLEASE???????

  5. Love! I've just been ignoring the fact that you're moving to AZ. Slash, the Kent's don't need to feel bad because now there is absolutely nothing keeping me in Utah & I am free to leave this plizace in the winter! I'll miss you bad, though.

  6. Oh chipman. I was a chipman chick too. Good times. Sadly, I am still in happy valley. Husband still has miles left to go with school. Happy for you though! Congrats and good luck. Big exciting things ahead.



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