Monday, April 15, 2013

4 Don't Hate Me

Before I start yappin my yapper, let's give this guy a round of applause for putting up with me and being so patient through my crazy, shall we?? Woot woot! YAY Seanny Pants!

This has honestly brought the crazy out of me. I'd say about 90% of the time, I'm extremely laid back about things. In the past two weeks, I've been actin a crazy FOOL. It's weird to not feel like yourself, and scatter brained, and emotional and if that is your normal self, I'm sorry because it's the worst and hardest thing to be in the world.
Now let's put me on birth control to make this really fun.
This past week, I've managed to shorten my to-do list about 10%. That feels good.
Okay, why do I keep throwing out percentages? Weird.

This Thursday we head to AZ to knock some wedding stuff out of the way. Props to other people who have planned long distance weddings. It's hard. And major props to my mom and Sean's mom for making it all happen for me. Seriously, I feel like I owe them grandchildren already and that's not even close to what mine and Sean's five year plan looks like.

Oh yeah, and my job... my kids are so super pumped about this sitch. The first day back from spring break, I couldn't go 10 minutes without one of them bringing it up even when they were doing quiet work in their seats.
"I had a feeling you were going to get engaged to Sean so I practiced being a flower girl over spring break by throwing marshmallows because I didn't have any rose petals."

"Can we go on the honeymoon with you?"

And my favorite:
"Can we go to the after party after the reception?"
Umm absolutely not.

Sean walked in on Friday and they said, "Yay Sean! You get to marry Miss Stolworthy! Soon you're going to be Mr. Kent."
Sean: "I already am."

Talk about leaving a kid utterly confused. I looked around and saw 29 little brains trying to figure out how that works. Name change fail.

I have one goal this week and it's to try and be a normal human and not get on anyone's nerves. And I'm going to be awesome at it.


  1. Haha oh the joys of being engaged. I feel you on the scatter brained emotional ness. Just wait until the day before the wedding haha. I'm so happy things are coming together! Have fun in AZ this week :)

  2. I lol'ed. Love you, even if you're actin a FOOL.

  3. hahahahhaha! Good luck teaching school engaged...I hardly functioned at work & going to school while engaged...Props lady. & Sean just needs to get used to the crazy, atleast for as long as you're on birth control......

  4. I sent my boss to the bank twice with no bank deposit slip in the bag while I was engaged. He was really sweet about it saying something like...well, I know you are engaged... but please remember to put the deposit slip in the bag. Yes, it is a mental condition that can be challenging! lol



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