Sunday, March 03, 2013

2 Happy Sunday!

Things are about to get personal here.

I won't go into too many details, but I had a few hard hits before I turned 22. I don't talk about these experiences a lot because much of what happened was very personal but they affected me deeply. Not without many tearful nights and a broken heart, my testimony grew.

I think sometimes things get a little foggy. We lose clarity of what we are here for. Life gets confusing and we forget that Heavenly Father loves us more deeply than we can comprehend. I've been in a spot where I feel my prayers are not being answered. It feels lonely. I've been arrogant enough to think I was good enough to get through this life without any sort of trial and test of faith which in return would make me a better person and come closer to Christ. For a short time, hardships made me bitter and resentful but thank heavens I persevered. I have never been happier. Not because of any new circumstances or opportunities in my life but because I learned how to lay my burdens at the Savior's feet. I didn't all of the sudden discover blessings in disguise from my trials like people often say will happen. In fact, to this day I don't know why certain things did happen, but I learned an important lesson of perseverance when things are not adding up or making sense to me. I learned to have a good attitude when life sucks. Most importantly I learned that sometimes we just have to endure through trials with the knowledge that God works on our prayers and because He loves us, if we endure well, we will be blessed. God has a hand in our lives and will absolutely not let us fail. He is making things work out for our good.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Okay... love love LOVE this. Thank you for sharing this beautiful quote and your thoughts. I needed this today!

  2. Oh good! It's one of my favorites!



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