Saturday, March 23, 2013

2 Busy

One day (I'm thinking June-ish), I will be able to sit and write and sew and craft and cook and do all the things I love to do so much. But for now, I'm on a fast moving train. Always busy, not a lot of time to just take a chill pill and relax. But guess what? I like my life like this for now. Here are some recents:
 (1) Trying to get rid of my sickness once and for all! Green smoothies and Emergen-C everyday (Thanks blogger friend for reminding me how much I love these things)! (2) Sean's momma, Sherie, came in town for part of her spring break. We had so much fun spending a few days with her! (3) Feeding duckies. (4) Explosive science experiments. (5) My kids are designing their bridges for engineering and having the time of their lives. STEM is amazing. (6) Mason Jennings concert.


  1. I like thos green smoothies, too! So good for you! I remember going with you when your were just a little duckie yourself, feeding the little waddlers! Sounded like a fun time with Sean! Not long now we get to meet him! Nice!

  2. ooh me gusta! Sean's mom is so cute, too! That green smoothie looks nom nom!



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